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Mini: Vergaser Cooper
Type: Rover Cooper 1.3 (18/06/1991)
Owner: Paul
Since: 12/05/2003





In the past time, engine and chassis tuning was performed on the Mini. The following enhancements in the interior and on the body has been done, as well as final small changes to the chassis.
A practicality is not to be achieved here. The Mini is modified from pure joy tuning and is thus a "Fun Mini".

Pictures, Garage & Last Projects


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Last Projects3/3

Cooper Drive

11/2009 - 01/04/2010, Nideggen Schmidt
107 Bilder, 7,835 mal angesehen, Zuletzt aktualisiert vor einem Jahr

I replaced the old engine and the transmission of my Cooper by a new optimized unit. Learn about the ultimate state, the old drive as well as extensive information (specifications, power curve, ...) and the new drive unit.

Cooper Drive

At the workshop, Vehicle data & Modifications

At the workshop1/3

25/11/2018Cooper winterfit gemacht
13/11/2018 05:00 PMBremsen entlüftet
13/10/2018Neuen HBZ + BKV eingebaut
09/09/2018Halter für BKV an Pedalerie ausgetauscht
04/08/2018Der HBZ und der BKV müssen für den TÜV ersetzen werden und wurden ausgebaut
29/07/2018- Hintere rechte Bremstrommel geprüft (war fest) und Feder wieder eingehängt
- defekte Kennzeichnebeleuchtung getauscht

Vehicle data2/3

  • 4-cylinder
  • water cooled
  • 1275ccm
  • 61BPH at 300RPM
  • Vmax 148km/h
Compression + bore x stroke
  • 10.3:1 + 70.61x81.28mm
Acceleration (0 -100km/h)
  • 13s
Fuel preparation
  • HIF44 carburetor
  • 4-speed
  • manual
  • independent suspension
  • wheelbase 2035mm
  • 12 "
  • 8.4" front disc brake
  • rear drum brake
Weight + dimensions
  • 650kg
  • 3054x1440x1353mm (LxWxH)


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