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Mini: Mini Mayfair
Type: Austin Rover Mini (01/10/1988)
Owner: Marie & Paul
Since: 28/01/2002



"Mayfair" is a district of London. The Mini Mayfair Sport is to be distinguished from the Mini Mayfair, which was built in turn at the same time ( 09/82-88 ) and especially to 1983-84 in England. The Mayfair emerged from the former HLE 1000 and introduced a more luxury model (velor, carpet, tinted windows, front head restraints, radio per standard) in that Mini series. From November 1985 the Mayfair received a three instrument dashboard, a three-spoke steering wheel and higher quality carpets. The Mini Mayfair Sport was the last Mini with 10" rims until 1988 (after 12") next to the Mayfair.
The Mayfair Sport differs from the Mayfair only slightly (lettering, standard cassette radio, higher-quality interiors and improved engine ). The Mayfair Sport was built towards the end of the Austin era for the German market. Here, however, with the built-in 12 "wheels since 1988 and gray interior, as well as those established by the Thirty bumpers. The Mayfair series was sold under Rover again from 1992 to 1996 in what was then the Mini 1.3 ( 1275 cc ), among many other conditions.


Looking for a first car half a year after the driving school:
The working colleague of my father bought the Mayfair Mini Sport for his daughter in Dresden. He eliminated a rear damage, added a one-way catalytic converters and a sliding roof. Since the daughter had found work in Nürnberg and the distance was too far, he offered the Mini to my father. My father asked us and we agreed immediately without the Mini to have seen. After a test drive of my father, he took me and 2 days later from school and I could then do a few laps and drive him home. :-)
Since April 2003, Marie and since February 2002, I am an avid mini driver.


Currently a complete restoration of the body and the overhaul of the engine is done. The Mini will visually appear again in perfect condition all the hallmarks of the then-built Austin Rover Mini Mayfair Sport (998ccm). The engine with gearbox is overhauled depending on the basic substance or replaced by a second unit. The goal is a perfect standard 1000 Mini from the 90's and the Oldtimer state in 2018.

Pictures, Garage & Last Projects



Last Projects3/3

Restoration Mayfair Sport

Since 01/04/2013, Nideggen Schmidt
161 Pictures, 8,733 times viewed, Last updated one year ago

My first Mini - over 10 years of ownership, it is time to completely restore the Mini. Originality and Oldtimer status are the final goals.

Restoration Mayfair Sport

At the workshop, Vehicle data & Modifications

At the workshop1/3

27.04.2020Umzug in eine neue Halle
16.09.2019Es ging weiter an der Karosserie. Leider sind die Innenkotflügel nicht zu retten und müssen ersetzt werden. Ich entfernte den linken Innenkotflügel.
18.02.2018Rostbefallenes Blech am Heck entfernt + Rostschutzgrundierung aufgetragen
09.09.2017Kofferaumunterbodenschutz entfernt und Rostvorsorge betrieben
07.08.2015Die neue Antriebseinheit für den Mayfair ist fertig und bereit zum Einbau! Vorfreude kommt auf und ein Dank geht an Faxe und Bobo für die tolle Umsetzung des Konzepts und die Lackierung.
05.08.2015Antriebseinheit fertig zum Einbau :)
26.07.2015Schweller links und Heck entfernt für Sandstrahlvorgang
18.04.2015Rollwagenbau abgeschlossen, Außenschweller und Bleche vorn rechts abgebohrt
22.03.2015Transportroller fast beendet, Abgerissene Rahmenschraube im Schweller entfernt
13.09.2014Transportroller begonnen zu schweißen
11.07.2014Antidröhnbelag Fahrerseite entfernt, Versteifungsstreben eingeschweißt

Vehicle data2/3

  • 4-cylinder
  • water cooled
  • 998ccm
  • 41BPH at 5000RPM
  • 70Nm at 2500RPM
  • Vmax 132km/h
Compression + bore x stroke
  • 10.3:1 + 64.58x76.2mm
Acceleration (0 -100km/h)
  • 18.5s
Fuel preparation
  • SU H4 carburetor
  • 4-speed
  • manual
  • independent suspension
  • wheelbase 2035mm
  • 12 "
  • 8.4" front disc brake
  • rear drum brake
Weight + dimensions
  • 625kg
  • 3070x1440x1350mm (LxWxH)


  • carb (since 02/2002)
  • mechanical folding sunroof
  • electric front windows
  • wooden dashboard
  • chrome grill (8 ribs)
  • chrome bumpers around
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